MBB Charity is active throughout the world. We have a diverse array of programs in various implementation settings. We work with other nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their mission.


MBB to roll out Sleep Program in Detroit

MBB Charity has agreed to partner with New Center Community Services located in Detroit, Michigan. New Center is a nonprofit community mental health center with over 150 employees. New Center serves adults with serious mental illness, children and adolescents who are seriously emotionally disturbed, persons with co-occurring disorders, as well as people who are experiencing a crisis that disrupts their daily lives such as stress, substance abuse, marital conflict, and depression.

MBB Charity will work with New Center to implement our evidence-based Sleep Program.   Starting later this month, this partnership will include full training  of licensed New Center clinicians to develop proficiency in MBB techniques. 


The Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Center, Chicago

The Harbor Light Center provides comprehensive, focused services to help Chicago’s west side male residents overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. HLC counselors deliver concentrated residential rehabilitation treatment. Outpatient transitional services such as employment training and a job placement program are also offered. The focus is long-term, as men may stay at the Center for up to five years to achieve rehabilitation and stability.

MBB Charity partnered with the Salvation Army to interweave MBB practices into the organization to be used in conjunction with existing 12-step programs. The Charity trained Salvation Army staff on Mind-Body Bridging principles and tools by explaining how to use them in client interventions and interactions. The overall goal is for the Salvation Army to quantifiably improve outcomes as it relates to their clients.


MBB Active in Finland

MBB Charity works together with the Finnish Mind-Body Bridging Association. The Association acts as a coordinating system for all MBB clinicians and individuals throughout the country. The group also actively promotes MBB's awareness, encourages use in a variety of mental health areas, while at the same time coordinates MBB training and certification with the 120-year-old Finnish Association for Mental Health, the Finnish Certification Committee, as well as other actors and partners.