Our board and staff are the engine that makes MBB Charity go


Stanley H. Block, M.D. Board Chair  

Dr. Block is Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School Of Medicine. He is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst. He has had numerous academic appointments and taught at a number of medical schools, including his alma mater, UCLA. Before entering medicine, he was a physicist and received an M.A. in physics at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Block is the Co-founder of MBB Charity.

Maxann Shwartz, Ph.D., LLC

Dr. Shwartz is the Owner/Director of Clinical, Forensic and Neuropsychology Associates and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New Mexico and California.  Her specialties include adult and juvenile forensic psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, personal injury, expert witness testimony in criminal law, and psychotherapy techniques. Maxann has received clinical training in medical psychology, neurological trauma, traumatic brain injury, chronic mental illness and childhood disorders (attention disorders, autism, and learning disabilities). 

Don Glover, Ph.D.

Dr. Glover is currently the Associate Director of Integrative Health at a major health care system in Salt Lake City.  Don holds a Ph.D in Social Work from the University of Utah and has served in senior positions in the social work field for the past 30 years. He has also previously served in the U.S. Army Medical Services Corp as a Commissioned Officer. 

Carolyn Block

Ms. Block has extensive experience over 20 years as a Chief Financial Officer, primarily for medical service, psychiatric and physician organizations providing inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment.  She has a life-long history of helping those in need and was a founding supporter of The Portland Help Center, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless and those with chronic mental illness. Ms. Block is the Co-founder of MBB Charity.


Kevin Webb, LCSW, Executive and Clinical Director

Kevin Webb, has over 28 years experience as a social worker in the areas of people with disabilities, family employment, and child welfare, with over 22 years as a clinical consultant and child and family therapist. Kevin graduated with an MSW from the University of Utah and is a certified MBB Therapist. Kevin has trained clinicians worldwide in MBB, including the United States, Canada, Macau, England, Poland, Switzerland, and Finland. Mr. Webb co-chairs the Board of Professional Standards for MBB Therapy training and certification (since 2007).

Guy du Plessis, M.A., Consultant

Guy du Plessis has a Master’s degree in psychology and is licensed as Registered Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He is the author of An Integral Guide to Recovery: Twelve Steps and Beyond, and co-author of the Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction: Effective Tools for Relapse Prevention and Recovery, and has published academic articles in the fields of addiction treatment and studies, theoretical psychology and philosophy.