MBB Charity works with nonprofits and governments serving at-risk populations, like those suffering from addiction or PTSD as well as groups like the homeless.  Our mission is to expand the capacity of the groups we work with in order to start solving intractable and chronic problems in society.

The core of our psychology and physiology-based program is training these groups in the Mind-Body Bridging® intervention. As human beings, we often suffer from cluttered and racing thoughts that lead to tension and stress. When we experience tension and stress, not surprisingly, it is difficult to make optimal decisions. Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) is a series of easy to learn techniques that allows individuals to clear their minds and relax their bodies so they can control negative responses and pivot to better choices. In this way, using MBB helps vulnerable people take back their lives.

Mind-Body Bridging can complement existing programs and therapies or can be used on its own. MBB Charity staff work with diverse nonprofits in customizing a mission-driven approach that leads to improved results and enhanced impact.

It is important to note that MBB is grounded in neuroscience, that is, the study of brain networks and the nervous system. We have considered human anatomy, biology, and biochemistry in developing MBB methods. Studies have shown that MBB leads to increased Oxytocin (a.k.a. well-being hormone) and decreased Alpha-Amylase (a.k.a. stress hormone). We have done our homework over the past two decades, which is why MBB is so effective (see Our Impact).